No more queues at the airport, get your evisa online, across all devices!

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Requirements for an eVisa

Tourist eVisa

  • A photograph of an applicant
  • Copy of your passport

Note: Passport validity has to exceed 6 months from the intended arrival date.

Apply online for an eVisa

A list of nationalities eligible to apply for an eVisa online

British Virgin Islands (UK)

Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

Falkland Islands (Malvinas) (UK)

Saint Pierre and Miquelon (FR)

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Turks and Caicos Islands (UK)

E-Visas are accepted at the following entry points:


  • Phnom Penh International Airport.
  • Siem Reap International Airport.
  • Sihanouk International Airport

Land crossings:

  • Cham Yeam (Koh Kong Province) (from Thailand).
  • Poi Pet (Banteay Meanchey Province) (from Thailand).
  • Bavet (Svay Rieng Province) (from Vietnam).
  • Tropaeng Kreal Border Post (Stung Treang) (from Laos)

If your entry will take place through a sea port, or other not mentioned on the list above, you have to apply for a regular visa at the embassy.

Travel season. At the airport. (Тематический урок)

Лето — пора отпусков, и как следствие — путешествий не только из города на дачу и обратно, но и по странам, где знания, которые вы усердно вкладывали в головы студентам в течение года, могут наконец-то пригодиться им на практике. И одна из самых часто встречающихся и стрессовых ситуаций в таких случаях — это аэропорт. И чтобы ваши студенты не боялись этих огромных зданий и вежливых сотрудников, говорящих им что-то непонятное на английском, предлагаем вашему вниманию план урока на тему “At the airport”.


Explain how to avoid getting lost at the airport to the person who is travelling by plane for the first time. Give at least 5 tips.


Explain the meanings of the following words in English.

  1. flight — рейс

  2. check-in — регистрироваться на рейс

  3. delayed — задержан

  4. canceled — отменен

  5. gate — зона выхода на посадку

  6. luggage/baggage — багаж

  7. hand luggage/cabin baggage — ручная кладь

  8. departure — отправление

  9. arrival — прибытие

  10. layover — пересадка

  11. seat — место в самолете

  12. aisle — проход

  13. boarding time — время посадки пассажиров

  14. boarding pass — посадочный талон

  15. excess baggage/luggage — перевес багажа


Put words from the vocabulary section into the correct sentences.

1. Nowadays it is usually possible to …………………… online 24 hours prior to flight departure.

2. Of course you need a ……………………... to get on a plane, you can get it at the check-in desk.

3. Pay attention to the ……………………., the boarding usually closes 20 minutes before flight departure.

4. If you don’t have any ………………………, I recommend you to choose the cheapest fare.

5. Do you want a window seat or an ……………… one?

6. I’m afraid that the ………………… for your flight was changed, sir. Now you need to proceed to the ………………... number 28.

7. Stephen was supposed to be at Hamburg yesterday, but his flight was ………………….. due to the heavy snowstorm, so he’s still at Dublin.

8. Did you have a direct flight from Delhi? — No, I had a ……………….. at Prague airport.

9. If you have any ……………... baggage, it’s better to pay for it online, because it will be much more expensive at the airport.

10. How was your ……………………, dear? — Oh, my! It was really exhausting!

11. It’s better to take a long stopover, so if your first flight is ………………., you’ll be able to get on the next one in time.

12. I think it isn’t fair that backpacks aren’t allowed in ………………., even though my backpack is really small.

13. Excuse me, ma’am, but I think this ………………… is mine. — Oh, really? But I thought it was 18A. — No, it’s 18C.

14. Is anybody meeting you at the airport? — Yes, my husband is already waiting for me at the ………………… lounge.

15. Airports usually have two different sections for ………………….. and arrivals.

Answers: 1 — check-in; 2 — boarding pass; 3 — boarding time; 4 — luggage/baggage; 5 — aisle; 6 — gate; 7 — canceled; 8 — layover; 9 — excess; 10 — flight; 11 — delayed; 12 — hand luggage/cabin baggage; 13 — seat; 14 — arrival; 15 — departures.

VIDEO (up to 1.39)

Watch the video and fill in the gaps.

Checking in at the Airport

First, let’s take a look at the whole scene.

— The machine didn’t recognize my ………………………..

I can help. Where are you flying to today?

— Recife

— Rio

— We’re flying to Rio and then we have a …………. to Recife. What are you looking for?

— My reading glasses.

— They’re on your head.

— I had a bottle of water.

— I threw that away.

— Why?

— You can’t take …………………. on the plane.

— Are you ……………………….. any bags? — Yes, just one.

— Can you put it on the …………………………?

— Sure!

— Can you check our bag through the Recife?

— No, I can’t.

— You’ll need to pick it up in Rio to go through ……………………..

— How much time do we have? How long is our ………………………?

— About two and a half hours.

— That’s plenty of time.

— Here are your ……………………….. — Thank you.

— Your flight leaves from …………………. 19 and …………... begins at 11:20.

— Eleven twenty.

— Have a great trip!

— We will!

Answers: 1 — passport; 2 — connecting flight; 3 — liquids; 4 — checking; 5 — scale; 6 — customs; 7 — layover; 8 — boarding passes; 9 — Gate; 10 — boarding.

Now imagine that you’re at the check-in desk and reproduce the similar dialogue with your tutor. And don’t forget to change the details.


Answer the following questions.

  1. How often do you go by plane somewhere?

  2. What was your longest flight?

  3. Are you afraid of flying by planes?

  4. What are the main advantages of taking a plane? And what about disadvantages?

  5. What stages do you need to go through at the airport before you get on a plane?

  6. What are the necessary things you always put in your hand luggage?

  7. Tell about your last flight. What airline did you choose? How long was the flight? Where did you head to? Did you like the experience?

  8. Do you usually choose economy or business class? What are the differences between them?

  9. What things can help one cope with the long flight?

  10. If you had to spend at the airport around 24 hours, what would you do?


Now let’s imagine kinda silly but anyway possible situation. You were on vacation and bought a really-really expensive and rare bottle of whiskey. Doesn’t matter if you bought it for yourself or as a gift for someone. Anyway, you put it in your bag and went to the airport intending to head for your home, sweet home. And when you’re going through the security check, a polite smiling woman asks you to open your bag, and you see this glorious bottle inside that literally cost you a fortune. Of course, you aren’t allowed to take it on the plane. So, your actions?

  • Will you throw it away and pretend you don’t care (and then maybe shed a tear in the toilet)?

  • Will you drink the whole bottle in front of the amazed queue? What might be the consequences of it?

  • Will you cancel your flight, go back and make your vacation a little longer?

  • Will you try bribing the TSA agents?

  • Will you share the bottle with all the people around?

  • Or maybe any other ideas?

Try making a funny story out of it.

Have you ever had to leave anything precious for you at the security check? If so, what was it?

Надеемся, этот урок прокачает скилл уверенности и владения “аэропортным” английским ваших учеников, и они будут летать с невозмутимостью британских джентльменов и делиться с вами историями о своих увлекательных путешествиях.

Присоединиться к крутой команде преподавателей EnglishDom легко — просто кликай и заполняй форму!

How to Visit Russia with an eVisa

Using the new electronic visas for Russia will be very easy.

Once the request is approved, the visa will be sent electronically to the holidaymaker. It is important to print out the confirmation before traveling to Russia.

Visitors will then need to carry the visa with them and present it at the border to the Russian immigration officers.

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin approved a list of 29 eligible border crossing points to enter Russia with an eVisa. These include, among others:

  • Belgorod International Airport
  • Volgograd International Airport
  • Koltsovo International Airport (Yekaterinburg)
  • Kazan International Airport
  • Krasnodar International Airport
  • Moscow airport
  • Strigino International Airport (Nizhny Novgorod)
  • Novosibirsk Tolmachevo Airport
  • Platov International Airport (Rostov-on-Don)
  • Kurumoch International Airport (Samara)
  • St. Petersburg International Airport

Eligible seaports include:

  • St. Petersburg
  • Vladivostok
  • Zarubino

Land border crossing points that can be reached by car include:

  • Bagrationovsk
  • Gusev
  • Mamonovo (Grzhekhotki and Gronovo)
  • Morskoe
  • Sovetsk
  • Ubylinka
  • Ivangorod

The list will be expanded as further crossing points will be equipped for eVisa checks.

What Will Be Different From the Current Electronic Visas?

Not all information about the new eVisas has been disclosed yet. However, we already know that the application process will be just as quick and straightforward as that for the 3 existing electronic visas. The online visa requirements are also likely to be similar.

However, there are 2 main differences that are likely to be well-received among travelers.

E-visa validity: more time in Russia

Although the current eVisa validity is of 30 days, eVisa holders are only allowed a maximum stay of 8 days in Russia since the moment they first enter the country. As the Second Secretary of the Russian Embassy in the Philippines Denis M. Karenin commented, this is just “enough time to visit St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad”.

The new country-wide eVisas will allow foreigners to stay in the country for up to 16 days. Moreover, they will remain valid for 60 days. This will be especially helpful for those who wish to explore more than one city or/and arrive in Russia after a long flight from a distant country.

More territory covered: non region-specific visas

The current eVisas for the Far East, St Petersburg, and Kaliningrad only grant their holder entry into a specific Russian region. Once they are done visiting, foreigners must leave Russia from a border crossing point belonging to the same region they first entered. Should foreigners wish to see another part of the country (for example, both St Petersburg and Moscow) they will have to apply for another relevant visa.

The new eVisas will apply to most cities within Russia. This will give tourists much greater freedom of movement. The number of entry points eligible for eVisas is also expected to increase.

What Russian eVisas Are Already Available?

For now, the eVisas are available for 3 Russian regions only:

  • The Far East District
  • The Kaliningrad Oblast
  • The St Petersburg and Leningrad region

Electronic visas have been a huge success thanks to their convenience, affordability, and much shorter waiting times.

Other ways in which the government has facilitated international travel and communications include:

Are Russian Visas Free?

The vast majority of Russian visas require the payment of an application fee. This goes to cover the processing costs of the visa.

Fortunately, electronic visas are usually cheaper since the amount of both paperwork and manpower required to review applications is lower. However, fees apply to eVisas too, and this will include the new electronic permits to be launched in 2022.

Who Can Get an eVisa for Russia?

The new Russian eVisa will become available to citizens of over 50 countries around the world, making Russia significantly more accessible for international tourism.

Eligible nations will include, for example, EU member states, China, India, Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, and all other nationalities who can already apply for the region-specific Russian eVisas.

Why Is Russia Launching New Visas?

Home to 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and famous for its unique architecture and stunning natural beauty, Russia is already the ninth most visited country in the world, with 33 million foreigners choosing it as their holiday destination in 2013.

However, the government is looking to expand the sector even further. Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced his plan to raise the annual tourism revenue of the country to $15.5 billion by the end of his presidential term in 2024.

As part of the national Digital Economy Program, different types of eVisas have been launched recently to encourage foreign arrivals. The traditional paper tourist visa for Russia requires applicants to submit their papers in person at a Russian embassy or consulate. Moreover, travelers have to obtain an invitation letter from a Russian entity in order for their visa application to be considered.

The new eVisas change things dramatically. Without having to queue at the embassy, eligible tourists can simply apply online in minutes from anywhere in the world. All they need is an internet connection and a few supporting documents like their valid passport.

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